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I have a lot of energy now. Additional side effects now better were difficulty focusing at work, cramps could just be the UC , periods of nausea, alternating between being hot and being cold, headache, weakness, and muscle aches. Again these only lasted a few days and I am doing much better. I am finally hungry and feel comfortable actually eating. Doctor has me on this drug for 2 weeks one a day and then for a week every other day. After that I am off of it. I think I will continue the vitamins. Before this flare up I had started Vitamin D and I think it was helping my stomach.

One gastro specialist gave this, but no effects on UC. Two other gastro specialist we saw stated Budesonide is for Crohns because it is targeted in the lower SMALL intestine and never reaches the colon. Okay, the main reason for that review title is because I've been wanting to use that line from The Hobbit, BUT it also has some relevance to what I have to say about uceris. It took a few days of being on uceris for me to notice a difference in my UC symptoms a really good difference, I might add.

Throughout the first month of being on uceris, I was feeling so great, I almost forgot I even had this gut-wrenching disease. Then I started to notice some side effects.

I have an autoimmune disease: My Ulcerative Colitis Story

What the cuss?! But it did for me, and it was much worse than prednisone.

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My face has been ginormous for more than two months. So, I shaved my face for the very first time ever. Get it? I felt slightly proud for not even nicking myself with the razor, but then I realized that my round, valley-less face most likely provided some aid to that. Anyway, I have been off of uceris for a little less than a month now. My ridiculously large appetite and the swelling and pain in my joints have subsided, and, although my face is still puffy, I can no longer see my cheeks in my peripheral vision, which I think is a big plus.

On the one hand, it totally made me feel like a human being again. It feels great. On the other hand, I became a hairy, heavy, huge-faced, hungry hippo. Uceris works to put colitis symptoms in remission, but I have experienced weight gain and extreme swelling of lower extremities. Using Uceris also results in some irritability and overwhelming carb cravings that ebb and flow. The coupon is applicable to insured and uninsured alike.

There is no reason to go without this medicine because of cost. I would like to give uceris 5 stars, but i cannot afford the pills. Do I put food on the table or pay for pills? Uceris I have been on Uceris for a little over 2 months now and it has done wonder do my UC. But not the same for the rest of my body.

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BMs went from about a day to under 4, so woohooo! Abdominal pains subsided about four days after starting Uceris I'm in apriso too. The one downside of my use of Uceris is the weight gain I've experienced.

The first week on it I gained 4 pounds. Since my initial dose in mid September I am up almost 15 pounds while my dieting and exercise have stayed the same.

I actually increased the number of days I work out from a normal 3 to 5 because I was unhappy with my weight gain. I have noticed an increased bloating in my lower extremities and my feet and ankles swell insanely during my runs. Uceris has done wonders for my UC symptoms, any suggestions from anyone about other medications similar to Uceris, without these unfortunate side effects?

So I have been on Humira for the past yrs. My first flare on it was after about a year, so my dr's changed my injections from every other week to every week. That was working fairly well for about another year and a half, but then I started flaring again. I was sent for CT scans and blood work and when my scan came back "abnormal" and I was told everything was fine, I decided to look for a new GI for a second opinion. He sent me for blood work and a barium enema.

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Have you ever had one of those????! Worst test in the world by far. Anyway, on top of that I was started on Uceris as well. All blood work and the enema came back normal so it was just a waiting game I suppose. After my first month with Uceris I started noticing things were getting better. So, so far yay for Uceris. Now here we are and it's November. Just 9 months after my flare in February.

I am flaring worse than I have in a long time. Anyway, about a month ago, I started flaring and then to be without my medication, life has been complete hell.

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I have no change in symptoms as of yet. I'm almost positive there is no way to know if it's the steroid that isn't working right now or if it's not working because I have't had my medicine in conjunction. Uceris- maybe? I have had UC for 16 years. Asacol, and Lialda no longer work. Azathioprin caused uncontrolled shaking and high blood preasure.

For 9 years I was symptom free. The last 6 years have been a roller coaster. Prednisone works for me, no side effects, and no weight gain. I had a flair in June and am trying to get in remission again. I took Uceris for one week and woke up with most awful feeling in my head, symptoms of heart problems, weak legs, light headed and just felt awful.


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I stopped taking Uceris. I am still dealing with the side effects of Uceris. As long as I am on prednisone I do quite well. I am on my way down from prednisone, but not sure what will happen when I am done with the prednisone. I might try Entyvio, but not sure I can afford it. Took Uceris for 30 days.


Although it doesn't work as quickly as prednisone, it works without the side effects of steroids. Still did experience hunger, but no rash or headache or moon-face. It took several weeks but the UC severe symptoms gradually are subsiding. I have to say, that I have also given in to the fact that there are some foods I just cannot eat!

Is this from all the oil and vinegar dressing?

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I ate a lot of these types of foods while "dieting" because the acidic foods are recommended to burn fat. I even drank apple cider vinegar each morning for 6 months about 2 years ago. Hmmm, did any of this effect the onset of UC last fall? I wonder. Back to the drug combo I actually feel pretty good with just morning pit stops. I think the Uceris has played a definite role in my UC starting to go into remission but I can tell I'm gaining a lot of weight and need to talk to my doctor about it. I also now take 20 mg omeprazole and 1 GM sucralfate each day. I also realize now that a lot of it for me has to do with staying consistent with your regiment of proper diet and Rx.

Hang in there folks and God Bless! Uceris did what Lialda alone could not do. I was told if I hadn't shaped up, I would be admitted to the hospital. Uceris was working within a week. Took it for two months. Very sick the whole time and for months, but all gut damage, not a flare up. Thank goodness Uceris did work for me. Horrible disease! Diagnosed with UC in March at This is the worse disease and horribly dibilitating to my life style.

I'm afraid to go to far from home and can't play golf any more for fear of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Initially, I was placed on mg of Asacol daily but did not get remission so increased to mg daily. This dosage seemed to help a lot but it took about weeks.