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We all have different body types and different clothes flatter different figures. But the one thing that every woman has to wear no matter what shape or size is a bra. There are so many options when it comes to clothes, bathing suits, and accessories, but when it comes to bras we are left with just two factors: band size and cup size. Do you ever wonder if you are wearing the correct size bra? Luckily, there are many different guides and tutorials just a search away on the Internet.

One company has even gotten rid of the old fashioned measuring tape by turning your iPhone into a virtual measuring tape and brafitting machine. There is actually a tutorial written by lingerie expert Marie Redding that only requires a mirror to tell if your bra is the correct fit. Step 1: Checking the Gore The first step talks about checking the gore, which is the center part of the underwire where the cups of the bra connect in the front.

According to her, the gore should lie flat on your sternum at all times and if it rises off of your chest that is a common sign that the cups are too small. Step 2: Straps The straps should not slip over your shoulder or make an indentation on your skin. A common misconception is that the support comes from the straps, but the back band and the cups should be contributing to the support.

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Step 3: The Band The band should lie flat on your back and parallel to the ground, if you ever wonder why your band rides up it is probably because the band size is too big. By now I am sure most of you are realizing that your bra is not fitting correctly, but if you have passed all of those tests here are the next three.

Step 4: Cups There should be no spillage of any aspect. This is where the half-cup bra sizes from earlier come into play. If you see just a small amount of spillage maybe you just need that extra half an inch of room. Step 5: Underwire The fifth check point is just a matter of how comfortable the underwire is on your body. Step 6: Overall Fit The final check is obvious, how does the bra look on your body overall. With the amount of bras on the market you will be able to find one that fits your body perfectly. Do not give up! Offer valid in store only.

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The people who use guns often have several different kinds of ammunition that they will use for different purposes.

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